"John W. De Boskey" wrote:

> Hi David, Brian,
>    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I hope you were
> able to review the patch also.
>    I am dealing with a production process that currently runs
> approximately 10 hours. (on 28 866Mhz processors, 2 Netapps).
> This process fell into my lap about 2 months ago.
>    After studying the process, the 1st item that came to the
> fore-front was the number of fork/exec pairs occuring for the
> file copy process. Please note, as written in previous emails,
> the copy process copies files from multiple directories to a
> singular directory.
>    I have reduced the runtime of the process so far by a solid
> hour.  My change to cp is the lowest level/minimal change fix
> which allows me to maintain a O(1) time constraint. I've played
> with (non-freebsd) versions of xargs already, and found them
> (the various algorithms in xargs) to be more expensive than the
> patch to cp.
>    I realize you folks are not here, and cannot examine the processes
> I have to deal with first hand.  I can only simply ask you to
> trust that the work I and others have done while coming to the
> conclusion that the cp patch is the best alternative is correct.
>    On a different note, I have spoken with my mentor (seems funny
> calling him that these days) Jordan, and his response to my
> email was:
> ----
> I think you should just commit the cp changes and let the
> xargs weenies debate themselves silly if the want to. :)
> The two issues are not really related.
> -Jordan
> ----
>    I must say at this point, I tend to agree with him. Basically,
> my review request was skipped over and folks simply went on to
> discuss/argue the merits/demerits of various patchs to xargs. The
> question of whether xargs is appropriate and maintains adequate
> performance for my particular process seems to have been left on
> the roadside...
>    I hope I haven't rambled to much. And again, thanks for taking
> the time to respond.

The only thing that I can't understand is why you want this incompatible
featute to go into cvs repo. Why you can't make this very specific
modification locally and use it on your own, or just make a port of it if you
really think that it might be useful to somebody else?


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