I originally sent this to freebsd-stable but didn't get any replies.  It
has been reworded.

I ran across this while playing with the INSTALL knob in make.conf.  In
almost all of the Makefiles in src/ there is either -C or -c hard coded as
an argument to install.  This means that changes you make to the
flags for install via the INSTALL knob in make.conf, specifically -c or -C
are not upheld in the acutal Makefiles.  /etc/default/make.conf gives the
impression that the flags specified when setting INSTALL should acutally
be used when install is invoked.  This kind of seems like a violation of
POLA to me.  If you set INSTALL= install -C in make.conf... most people
would assume that it will apply the -C flag to every invokation of
install, which is not the case.

There are certain directories like src/include and src/kerberos* that have
-C hardcoded while others like src/etc have -c hardcoded in the Makefile.
I was wonder what exactly are the rammifications of removing all -c and -C
flags from the Makefile(s) where applicable and making -c the default flag
for install in /etc/defaults/make.conf.  Is there any specific reason why
certain areas of the source need to have -c or -C?

Additionally, I believe the INSTALL knob should be used only to allow you
to change the path/name of the install binary.  A new variable
INSTALLFLAGS should be introduced to specify the flags for install.

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