I found the following in the man page of pw(8).

> -u min,max, -i min,max
>              These options set the minimum and maximum user and group
>              ids allocated for new accounts and groups created by pw.
>              The default values for each is 1000 minimum and 32000 maxi-
>              mum.  min and max are both numbers, where max must be
>              greater than min, and both must be between 0 and 32767.  In
>              general, user and group ids less than 100 are reserved for
>              use by the system, and numbers greater than 32000 may also
>              be reserved for special purposes (used by some system dae-
>              mons).

Please note the last 2 sentences.

Added to this, I also checked source codes of pw(8). 
And, I found the same restriction there, too.

Currently, I have nobody (uid = 65534) account as a default account on 
my box.  It might be easy to guess that the maximum is greater than
65533.  My question is why such a restricion still remains.


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