Under 4.3, apm works ... after a fashion on my Fujitsu lifebook.
Suspend and resume work and the battery status is available.  I also
find that the non-cardbus pccards work, after a fashion.

There are interactions, though.  One particularly gnawing one is that
pccards cease to work after a resume.  This is regardless of their
state beforehand.  I can, for instance, boot the computer, suspend,
resume and then insert a pccard... and it will not work.  Its as if
the interrupts are not connected.

I recently upgraded the laptop to current using an extra disk I had
laying around.  This was somewhat of an adventure, but I have nothing
particularly to complain about ... since the hint of using make -k a
few times gets me there eventually.  We all understand that this is
not supposed to be clean.

However, there is a significant degradation in the performance of

Like before, pccards don't work after a suspend.  They get recognised
and added post-resume, but traffic doesn't appear to flow.  This is
true both for my ethernet (3com 3cxfe57) and my compact flash (San
disk).  The sound card also doesn't seem to work after a resume
... which is similar to 4.3.  This is all after enabling apm in

Unlike before, ejecting the 3com card locks up the system reliably.
Inserting the 3com card can lock up the system, but sometimes
reinserting it will unwedge things.

I'm willing to track this down, but don't know where to start on apm
issues.  Is one of you significantly versed on apm to give me some
starting points?


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