Some of you who use CVSup might wish to consider upgrading to the new
snapshot, called version 16.1a.  It contains fixes for a number of
bugs, including ...

... the one that sometimes caused CVSup to delete the symbolic link to
your ports tree and replace it with a new copy of the tree.

For the entire list of changes, see the "ChangeLog" file in the source

As the term "snapshot" implies, this is not quite up to the standards
of a real release.  There is some stuff in it that's only half baked,
and it's not tested as well as an actual release.  However, it works
fine for me and it contains some useful fixes.

I have created a port "net/cvsup-devel" which you can use to build
the snapshot.  The source distribution itself is available on most
FreeBSD FTP mirrors in the directory


Before somebody asks, this snapshot is available in source form only.
If I had time to deal with binaries, I would have made an official
release.  So buck up, and no whining.  I know you can handle it. ;-)

  John Polstra                                               [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  John D. Polstra & Co., Inc.                        Seattle, Washington USA
  "Disappointment is a good sign of basic intelligence."  -- Chögyam Trungpa

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