On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 12:15:34PM -0700, some SMTP stream spewed forth: 
> Any -current kernel built over the weekend is a likely victim of this bug.
> In a nutshell, it will eat your root filesystem at the very least, leaving
> you with maybe one or two files in /lost+found.  spec_vnops.c rev 1.156
> is should be avoided at all costs.
> BEWARE: there are some snapshots on current.freebsd.org with this bug. They
> will self destruct after install.
> ------- Forwarded Messages

Say, FreeBSD is usually pretty safe, even in CURRENT.
Has something near this magnitude of Really Bad Stuffage snuck into the
codebase before?

(This is just for my personal knowledge. I don't remeber anything this
bad in recent times.)


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