On 03-May-01 Terry Lambert wrote:
> A "make world" works perfectly fine, and builds everything, including
> the "pam_ssh", just fine.  Examining the "/usr/obj" and the CHROOT
> version of "/usr/obj" indicates that the difference is that the
> libssh isn't built in the chroot case, and is referenced via a
> relative path, instead of being referenced from where it _is_ built.
> Copying _just_ those libraries allows the "pam_ssh" build to complete
> successfully, and nothing else uses them.

make release does a make world in the chroot:

rerelease release:
.if make(release)
        echo "  (cd etc; make distrib-dirs distribution)" >> ${CHROOTDIR}/mk
        echo "  make ${WORLD_FLAGS} world && \\"        >> ${CHROOTDIR}/mk
        chroot ${CHROOTDIR} /mk

I haven't ever seen this before.  Are you using any other customizations
besides LOCAL_SCRIPT?  Are you specifying NO_CRYPTO or something?

> ] Yes.  Haven't seen this locally though, but I may have these files
> ] prefetched to /usr/docdistfiles on the local snap building machine.
> The main problem here is that none of the mirrors listed in the
> "ports" have them, and the FreeBSD FTP server is presently in
> limbo or pushing up daisies, depending on who you ask.

Well, then as Jordan stated, the ports need to be fixed.  The actual release
process itself is not broken in this respect, however.

> There's also the "tools" directory, which I guess is copied in
> magically, because some of the CDROM distribution is built on
> (bletch!) DOS, instead of being 100% FreeBSD hosted.

AFAIK, it's just copied off of the previous CD-ROM each time.  I don't think
it's been updated in quite some time. :)  DOS is not used though.  I think that
the tools/ subdir on the CD is considered a WC/BSDi addon though, not part of
the base system.

> If I were truly a grumpy guy, I'd insist that the cvs checkout of
> the kernel sources be capable of using a different repository and
> a different tag.

That's what LOCAL_SCRIPT is for in this case.  make release isn't really
designed to patch together various source collections, it's designed to build a
release from one source collection.

> My next challenge will be to get my personal packages to show up
> as options in sysinstall, and to make their installation default
> for a particular installation set name...

Just add the appropriate lines to the INDEX file and they will show up fine.
If you actually add ports directories for them to /usr/ports and rebuild the
INDEX (via 'make index') it will DTRT.  Note that you don't need all of ports/
to do this, just ports/Mk and ports/tlambert (or whatever) and a suitable
modified list of directories in ports/Makefile.


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