(1) root@ttyp2 # grep ^login /etc/pam.conf 
login   auth    sufficient      pam_ssh.so                      try_first_pass         
login   auth    required        pam_unix.so                     try_first_pass
login   account required        pam_unix.so
login   session sufficient      pam_ssh.so                      try_first_pass         
login   password required       pam_permit.so
login   session required        pam_permit.so

(2) root@ttyp2 # ll /etc/malloc.conf
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  2 Sep  5  2000 /etc/malloc.conf@ -> aj

Logging in on the console starts the ssh-agent for users which
authenticate via pam_ssh (as expected), but the SSH env vars
(SSH_AGENT_PID, SSH_AUTH_SOCK) aren't set (I think because
export_pam_environment() is called before the pflag check and before
pam_open_session(), but moving it behind pam_open_session() didn't

Because I also get some "warning: chunk already free" with pam_ssh.so at
logout I compiled login with _malloc_options="JR" (and ="JRX").
Now I get a buserror if I try to authenticate via pam_ssh.so. I expected
to find a coredump in / or in /home/$user (or at least somewhere in the
root fs or in /tmp), but I can't find it.

What am I doing wrong (I didn't have a coredump limit)?


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