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: On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 07:48:08AM -0700, David Wolfskill wrote:
: > [Ref.]
: ...
: > eelf_i386.c:158: elf-hints.h: No such file or directory
: Crap,crap,crap,crap,crap!!!
: I thought I had gotten my systems clean enough when I did the post-commit
: ``make buildworld'' test.  *sigh* a nice bootstrap issue here.  Problem
: is elf-hints.h is a new header and a buildtool uses it.  I guess a
: -I/usr/src/include is needed (or an install of headers into /usr/obj).

You would have to add -I/usr/include before the -I/usr/src/include.
Otherwise things will compile with the host's stdio and friends, which
could be bad if there were a mismatch between them (like in FILE
definitions, say).

Sometimes I think that adding a "cross update install" target which
would put new .h files into /usr/obj/mumble/include might not be a bad

: To get over this hump if you aren't interested in debugging the bootstrap
: issue:
:     cd /usr/src/include
:     make obj
:     make install

This is kinda hard when compiling current on a stable system that you
wish to remain stable system after the compile :-)


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