Hi, I do web development and database work out of Las Vegas.
I was wondering if you needed any development done. I have been 
doing web work for 6 years. I know Cold Fusion, ASP, Oracle, SQL 
and Flash.

Tony Grijalva 

Here's some the sites I've worked on:
http://www.crazynickels.com -  Complete site. Turned out in 3 days.

http://www.woodtrim.com - Complete sites along with www.brushed
aluminum.com as a content manager, shopping cart, FAQ, Referral Program.

http://www.SchoolCity.com - Pre-IPO Company I did the 
Complete site. I can send you a complete document about this site.

http://www.codernet.com - My own site with a bunch of guys here. 
I did the graphics.

http://www.antennas.com - The graphics were given to me in PhotoShop
format. I have to make them web ready and add functions.

http://www.momentisgroup.com - Backend Cold Fusion work.

http://www.isecinc.com - Their print company in Arizona sent me
the project and related functions. I can walk you through a back
door process.

http://www.reoinc.com - Working on Now.

http://www.arraybiopharma.com - Needed the site before they went
public... I didn't do the flash but everything else and some cgi.

http://www.linworth.com - Got PhotoShop files. Added Cold Fusion
Please let me know if you need any help......
Thank You for your time and consideration, 
Tony Grijalva 

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