J Wunsch wrote:
> Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Isn't anyone but me and Walnut Creek cum BSDI cum Windriver
> > Systems using "make release"?!?
> We are, but why would we use anything else than GENERIC for it,
> seriously?  I'd never roll a `release' for my current machine.

Examples abound:

1)      Licensed commercial drivers not present in GENERIC

2)      Cut down kernel for low memory systems

3)      Kernel without support for 686/586/386 in an
        embedded system

4)      Kernel without most of the disk controllers, e.g.
        a Compaq-specific "Jump Start" disk for FreeBSD


It shouldn't matter anyway; it doesn't change the normal
default sysinstall behaviour, image, or image size at all
(the image is identical), unless KERNCONF is overridden.

If that's so unreasonable, I suggest you remove the "?"
before the "=" in /usr/src/release/Makefile in the KERNCONF
assignment, which looks like:


Since it makes damn little sense to allow it to be overridden,
if the resulting CDROM will fail to install /kernel, and the
resulting system will not be able to boot without an explict
"load kernel.MYKERNEL" command to the boot loader.

Doing that would reduce functionality; making my change
would increase it... but make one or the other of them,
please: in it's current state, the code _pretends_ that
an override will work, when it will not.

I hate code that lies to me, even if by omission; don't you?

-- Terry

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