On Mon, 7 May 2001, Matt Dillon wrote:

> :Indeed, this is an interesting area. In the process of
> :researching how to best implement this for Linux I have
> :found various reasons why both FreeBSD's and NetBSD's
> :load control systems cannot work in various realistic
> :scenarios.
>     A
>     load control system is something like... oh, the 20 second enforced swap
>     out that can be triggered when the VM system is under extreme memory
>     pressure.

Yup. Too bad the 20 second enforced swap out isn't enforced...
(at least, not by the code in vm_glue.c)

I'll write up an email about this later this week...

>     Load control is a completely different issue from swap
>     exhaustion.  The two are entirely unrelated to each other.

I know, that's why I only quoted the part of your message that
was about load control and snipped the swap exhaustion part ;)


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