> You'll see a detailed analysis soon, patches will come only
> after we've agreed on a way to fix the problem.

You've already had some folks respond to this, though I think the
argument has been mischaracterized as a "BSD vs Linux" thing.  It's

What people are (IMHO) really trying to argue here is the pragmatic
approach.  You can't really "agree on a way to fix the problem" when
your operating criteria are as vague as "the existing system doesn't
work, we need to fix it."  That's like saying that putting someone
into orbit is a simple matter of determining what escape velocity is
necessary from an object with earth's mass and deciding how many tons
of payload you want to insert at what altitude.  The devil is, as they
say, all in the details and all people here want is the necessary
level of detail.

Software is also largely an operational art where it's easier to
describe something through a body of code with accompanying comments
than it is to try and describe it on a purely theoretical basis.  You
don't need to necessarily adopt that code, it simply provides you with
a more solid framework in which to discuss "ways to fix the problem"
and that is what I believe Alfred and others are basically asking for.
It's a reasonable request.

- Jordan

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