[ This time I *did* try and use the FreeBSD mailing list search engined- to no
result that I can see. ]

I now get, when I try and rlogin:

        p_match: clnt_call: RPC: Program unavailable

in the client.

I *have* changed hosts.allow to allow rpcbind locally in hosts.allow
(if that's pertinent):

        ALL:        : ALLOW
        ALL:         : ALLOW
        ALL: : ALLOW
        rpcbind : : allow
        rpcbind : : allow

rpcbind is running without arguments. rlogin is enabled in inetd.conf.
There is nothing in UPDATING that seems to pertain to this.

This is a mergemaster'ed top of tree as of last night fresh x86 build.

Also I experience the same slogin problem reported recently as well:

May  8 15:53:27 quarm sshd[556]: fatal: PAM setcred failed[6]: Permission
May  8 16:00:24 quarm sshd[748]: fatal: PAM setcred failed[6]: Permission

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