Peter Jeremy wrote:
> For anyone who writes their own FORTH in the loader scripts:
> ficl 2.05 (imported on 28th April by dcs) changes `base' from an
> lvalue to an rvalue.  This will break any code that currently
> uses base.  In particular, code to temporarily change the base
> will corrupt low memory.  For example:
>         base @ <<expression>> hex . base !
> will now access a word at address 10 and store it at address 16.
> I have no idea why this change was made - it breaks FORTH compatibility.
> I can't find anything in (except that someone has
> helpfully stripped all the CR's off ficl205.tar before it was gzip'd -
> which upsets tar quite a bit).

Ugh! I wasn't aware of this, and I can guarantee this will be fixed.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

        Caffeine is proof that God hates mornings too

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