John Baldwin wrote:
> On 10-May-01 Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> > 2)  Is it valid that multiple DEVFS mounts over /dev are allowed?
> Why wouldn't it be?  (Granted, it is a bit _weird_).  You can do the same with
> other fs's:
...and happily shoot yourself in the foot this way. :)

<personal_experience effect=fade out>
I had pretty weird experiences into mounting multiple root directories
(!). I have a crappy 486 which has an equally crappy IDE controller
which can't grok my 3.2G HD. The loader couldn't boot the kernel from
the drive.

I had to keep another very crappy 250M HD with a duplicate of the /
filesystem and a very special kernel that mounted its root from the
other drive, since the kernel could recognize the drive correctly. 

Without DMA, of course. :) But it works. 

My point here is that I had a lot of fun in totally scrapping my system
by doing a spurious mount /. No reboot(1) or halt(1) available... ;)
</personal_experience effect=fade in>


Another OT question.. Is any MFC planned for devfs? I'm getting jealous
of -current (running -stable). ;)


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