> Could you please be more specific on what you mean by "disuse"? I.e. what
> was the problem with that stuff and what goes wrong? Do you against its
> resurrection by what reasons?

E.g. we went and translated a bunch of the *.TXT files into various
languages (among them Russian) and then gave sysinstall the ability to
change the screen map, terminal type and keyboard mapping according to
a global language setting.  That survived for exactly one release
after we realized that we didn't have the infrastructure necessary to
translate those documents on an ongoing basis.  It was sort of an
experiment anyway, so nobody really cried when we took it back out.

But I'm not against it's resurrection.  That was then, these days we
have quite a bit more infrastructure and a better translation process.
Also, thanks to Mr. Mah, the *.TXT files have finally been integrated
into our overall docs and are thus far easier to generate international
versions of.

- Jordan

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