Hi folks,

I finally have an update for the iicbus/smbus in -current.

See http://people.freebsd.org/~nsouch/iicbus.html - April 2001

The major improvments are:

        - loadable / unloadable by means of modules
        - major cleanup of bus framework
        - support for the VIA 82C586 chipset
        - support for AMD 760 chipset (needs testing)

By the way, I propose to remove the i386/isa/pcf.c iicbus/if_ic.c and
ppbus/lpbb.c files from the tree since I can't do non-regression tests
anymore for it. They could be maintained on a personal page instead...

Tanks for you feedbacks.

Alc˘ve - Open Source Software Engineer - http://www.alcove.com

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