I am a pastor that has spent many years in Christian counseling. It was so refreshing 
to find Christian resources that made it easier to work with  couples or individuals 
that were struggling with their identity and self worth. I am pleased to now be 
working with the very company that helped impact not only my ministry, but my own 
marriage and family. 

THe site is www.personalitystyle.com  You can take a mini profile for free, not only 
for yourself but for others. I have worked with many ministries across the country 
that actually upgraded to full reports for their entire staff and all those who came 
for counseling. THat is up to you. Please be my guest to take the FREE profile.  

God Bless
Pastor Brad Smith
PS- see www.discinsights.com for material to use in family and pastoral counseling 
arenas also. We have a toll free number at 1-800-779-DISC

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