Hello everybody,

<attention! pure speculation and unprofessional comments follow!>

These problems with the alternate superblock remind me... there were
reports about the same when fsck had problems some time ago.

But there was a common theme to all of them: The fsck raves were a whole
lot more severe if there were softupdates enabled. I for example have been
running -CURRENT for quite a while here on a daily basis (although I have
never tried to use the same file systems concurrently with -STABLE) doing
buildowrlds, Mozilla bi-daily builds and other fun stuff, yet have not seen
any problems of this kind. Even when I had a crash, a manual fsck (for
safety's sake) always fixed things as it should, and never complained. And
this, although I had some very unfortunate crashes, when eg I crashed from
X in the middle of a Mozilla build, but even so there were almost no file
structures damaged or at least not noted by fsck. But I have never enabled
soft updates on any fs of mine, which of course means that some operations
require all the time in the world to complete, but seems it is safer
somehow. I am probably just lucky and totally wrong, but just


Szilveszter ADAM
Szeged University
Szeged Hungary

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