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> > You're not tying up an interrupt; PCI interrupts are shared.  With the 
> > new PCI code, even if you turn it off, we'll just turn it right back on 
> > again. 8)
> But if IRQ 5 is assigned to the uhci device, then it's not available
> for use by an ISA device, is it?  Or am I all mixed up?

If you're using IRQ 5 for an ISA device, the BIOS will give the PCI 
controller another IRQ (as long as you've told it this). 

> > The problem appears to be a bug in the UHCI driver.
> Could be, and I certainly don't know much about this code.  But
> it seems like the driver is being given reason to assume it has a
> working device when it doesn't really have one.  I assume the device
> is unusable without its interrupt, so shouldn't it fail at probe or
> attach time?

Yes, it should.  It's not bright enough to do that yet.

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