* Alfred Perlstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010519 21:57] wrote:
> * Szilveszter Adam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010519 16:53] wrote:
> > Hello everybody,
> > 
> > I guess I was just being too happy so it had to get me this time:-) I was
> > building Mozilla when it struck. Today's -CURRENT, kernel & world in sync,
> > no softupdates.
> > 
> > panic: mutex vm not owned at ../../vm/vm_page.h:328
> > Debugger("panic")
> Thanks for the traceback, can you apply this patch then try
> to get your machine to swap?

Oh, yeah, thanks for being brave, I've got a lot of other developers
telling me they're not upgrading past the vm mutex patch point which
is pretty stupid as it's doing to more harm then good without a
thorough workout. :(


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