On 19-May-01 Matthew Thyer wrote:
> Is it possible that background fsck is not the culprit here ?  I think
> this may be fallout from the dirpref changes as Chris Knight recently
> emailed in <018b01c0c496$07ed13d0$[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.  The solution
> is to unmount all your filesystems, fsck them and then use tunefs with
> -A to change something so that all superblock backups will be updated.
> Does this sound likely ?
> Jason Evans wrote:
>> I had exactly the same thing happen to /var on an SMP test box using
>> -current as of 16 May.  It happened once out of about a half dozen panics.
>> Jason

My instances at least are not the result of dirpref, as my laptop tracks
-current very closely and I navigated the dirpref waters a while back.


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