Playing mp3's with mpg123 has been quite satistfactory until now.
Today I've discovered that every execution of sync(8) distorts
music by means of "stretching" musical phrase. In example what
normally sounds like "How do" sounds now "Hhhooowww     dddoooo"
with a bit of added noise or something similar. Hard to describe.
Happens even with textmode only, no X. Log into two virtual
terminals, fire up mpg123 "yourfavoritesong" and execute sync in a
row in other.
In case hardware matters it's dual PIII with SCSI and IDE disks,
mp3 in question was on SCSI. AudioPCI ES1373-B. No shared IRQ's
between devices.
I know that -current is very fragile to say at least, but what's
specifically causing it?

Vallo Kallaste

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