On 22-May-01 Seigo Tanimura wrote:
> On Tue, 22 May 2001 04:48:38 -0700 (PDT),
>   John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> John> On 22-May-01 Seigo Tanimura wrote:
>>> For now, p_mtx protects p_pgrp in struct proc. This is quite
>>> troublesome for the following reason:
> John> Err, it doesn't really.  It's mostly undecided at this point.  Also,
> have you
> John> looked at the BSD/OS code on builder?  They have process groups and
> sessions
> John> already locked not using global locks but using per-data structure
> locks.
> If you do not protect both p_pgrp and p_pglist in struct proc by an
> identical lock, you end up with breaking either setpgid(2) or kill(2)
> for a process group. The following scenario depicts an example of the
> breakage:

I'll have to look over the code in more detail, but I would encourage you
to check the BSD/OS code.

> Finally, a fact missing in my last mail. psignal() actually checks for
> the parent of a process, possibly sending SIGCHLD to it. This implies
> that we have to slock proctree_lock so that the process hierarchy does
> not change. Now that psignal() calls for both pgrpsess_lock and
> proctree_lock, it should be cheaper to have only proctree_lock than
> both of them.

Actually, psignal does _not_ use proctree_lock.  p_pptr is locked by both p_mtx
and the proctree lock (writes to it require both locks) so either lock is
sufficient to read the value.  As a result, psignal() simply acquires p_mtx and
doesn't go near proctree.


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