Wed, May 23, 2001 at 21:26:37, jkoshy (Joseph Koshy) wrote about "Date for a working 

> I'm in the processing of bring a 5-current system of Oct 2000 vintage
> more upto-date. 
> The kernel built around May 23rd 2001, has been quite unstable, with
> numerous warning on lock order reversals, and alas, frequent panics, mostly
> on account of processes sleeping while holding mutexes.

The simplest way for seeing almost-guaranteed working -current is
1) read -current of 1-2 days ago,
2) find moment where there are no "Who put boot onto Red Button???" cries,
3) set up date= in supfile for good moment, but at least 24 hours ago,
4) cvsup & make world.

But with this approach you only can deal with longstanding issues and
you are excluded from quick discovering-and-fixing. Let's suppose
this is adoptable for you and others.

> Its been a while since -current was like this :).  My priority is to build
> a reasonably upto-date userland.  So, my question is: what is a known good
> date that I can upgrade the machine to?


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