Edging closer to making major device numbers a pesky compatibility
detail and generally bring the new DEVFS based world order closer:

20010525        disk.patch

        Create a general facility for making dev_t's depend on another
        dev_t.  The dev_depends(dev_t, dev_t) function is for tying them
        to each other.

        When destroy_dev() is called on a dev_t, all dev_t's depending
        on it will also be destroyed (depth first order).

        Rewrite the make_dev_alias() to use this dependency facility.

        Make the disk mini-layer use dependencies to make sure all
        relevant dev_t's are removed when the disk disappears.

        Make the disk mini-layer precreate some magic sub devices
        which the disk/slice/label code expects to be there.

        Remove some now unneeded variables.

        Remove some ancient, commented out code.

        Minor cleanup.  Use name from dev_t instead of dsname()

    Not for commit yet:

        Panic if the cdevsw of a non make_dev()'ed dev_t is accessed.
        Warn about drivers calling cdevsw_add()

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