I noticed this panic for last few days on my -current
sandbox laptop.

When I do FTP get file from the machine running
-current causes panic like below (hand copied).

The machine running ftpd panics not FTP client side.
I have not tried FTP put yet... It may panic at FTP 
client side as well.

My last cvsup was around 22:00 PDT on May 24 2001.

panic: mutex vm not owned at ../../vm/vm_page.c:755
db> trace
Debugger(c038865b) at Debugger+0x44
panic(c0387828,c03a0554,c03a1eaf,2f3,0) at panic+0x70
_mtx_assert(c045ca20,1,c03a1eaf,2f3) at _mtx_assert+0x49
vm_page_alloc(c8bcc9c0,0,0,c8b04b9c,c8b04a80) at vm_page_alloc+0x22
sendfile(c8b04a80,c8b43f80,0,0,381508) at sendfile+0x31e
syscall(2f,2f,2f,381508,0) at syscall+0x689
syscall_with_err_pushed() at syscall_with_err_pushed+0x1b

PS: I am not subscribed to -current but subscribed to 
    current-digest so if it is already reported/fixed, sorry...


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