RELNOTESng is now the default for -CURRENT release builds.  Floppy
images get ASCII renderings only, while the CDROM and FTP areas get both

To disable all release note documentation building (i.e. for minimal
builds), define NORELNOTES at release-building time.  Note that release
notes require doc building as well (it may be possible to untangle this
dependency in the future).

Please also note that the old *.TXT files are now gone from -CURRENT.

dd did some infrastructure (currently disabled by default) to the Web
site build that will make -CURRENT snapshot release notes available;
we're waiting for someone like nik or wosch (hint hint, guys) to add a
CVS update line to whatever magic kicks off Web site builds.  Until
then, renderings of the release documentation can continue to be found

Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions!


PS.  4-STABLE is unaffected by these changes (for now), but it is my 
intent to MFC RELNOTESng after a brief shake-down period.

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