] Here's the rub: when I start X, my window manager ctwm tries to
] determine the hostname (to assign to HOSTNAME and then m4-process the
] .ctwmrc) This causes my machine to dial out. I've used tcpdump on port
] 53 (dns) by putting this in /etc/start_if.isp1:
] /usr/sbin/tcpdump -nli isp1 -c 16 port 53 > /tmp/tcpdump.53 &
] so I capture the very first dns packets. The result is:

Make your test program do a gethostbyname(), like it does.

Then take the resulting IP address, and call gethostbyaddr(),
to get the _canonical_ name and IP address of the host you
obtained by name, so that it will give you the A record name
of the host, instead of some CNAMe which may be transient.

Now watch your modem dial out, because you have not set up
correct in-addr.arpa delegations for all of your local IP
addresses in your DNS server.

Now look up.  See the lightbulb.

Correct the missing in-addr.arpa. delegations.

See that you have the same problem.

Realize that you need to run a local authoritative in-addr.arpa.

Realize that doing this will destroy your ability to do reverse
address resolution for any host not on your local net.

Consider switching to a less anal window manager.

Realize that you can run a caching-only local nameserver.

Now look up.  See the lightbulb.

Now preload the caching n-only name-server's cache for all
local IP addresses with data (long lived data) for the in-addr.arpa.
delegations which would exists, were you to own your own IP
addresses in reality.

Preload your cache in the file, and restart your nameserver

Try it again.

See that the problem is fixed.


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