John Baldwin wrote:
> On 28-May-01 Doug Barton wrote:
> > Gang,
> >
> >       On the avi front, typing 'aviplay' with or without an argument is
> > guaranteed to instantly wedge the box. I attached a lot of running aviplay
> > through truss, but I have no way to know if it stopped at or before the
> > offending instruction. As for the general wonkiness of the system, I have
> > finally gotten a dump. The backtrace is below, let me know if there is
> > anything else I can do to help debug.
> Please try

        This worked excellently for me! I patched the kernel and rebuilt, then
tested aviplay... success. Then I cvsup'ed, built/installed world and
kernel, and started stress testing. I'm currently running two builds of X
4, one over NFS and one local, 'make cleandir' in /usr/src, AND avifile
(ok, it's a little choppy, but still runs). I'd say it's probably safe to
go back in the water again. Next stop, re-enabling softupdates. :)

        BTW, I'm probably wrong about this but looking at the patch it seems odd
to me that one of these is ifndef and the other is ifdef:

@@ -422,15 +433,21 @@
                        kmem_free(kernel_map, (vm_offset_t)old_ldt_base,
                                old_ldt_len * sizeof(union descriptor));
                        FREE(new_ldt, M_SUBPROC);
+#ifndef SMP
+                       mtx_lock_spin(&sched_lock);
                } else {
                        pcb->pcb_ldt = pcb_ldt = new_ldt;
+#ifdef SMP

Just curious,

Doug (Thanks BTW)
    I need someone really bad. Are you really bad?

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