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>> Was it determined that the fsck corruption problems which were seen
>> with fsck after the introduction of the dirpref changes do not affect
>> RELENG_4?  I haven't seen any MFC of changes to the RELENG_4 fsck
>> code, and I'm kind of worried now that I've reverted my current system
>> back to RELENG_4 :-)
>Afaik the problem was that fsck would wipe certain stats info that
>dirpref would use, however I think the kernel detects absurd values
>and will reinit them.

Yes, there was a problem in the -current kernel that could cause
crashes if fsck erased some dirpref-related values in the superblock.

However, the main issue affecting moving filesystems back and forth
between RELENG_4 and -current is that fsck in RELENG_4 does not
know about the new superblock fields (dirpref, pending*, snapshots?).
It will detect a mismatch between the master and alternate superblocks
and give an error.  Once you fix that error (I think you just say
yes to the "LOOK FOR ALTERNATE SUPERBLOCKS?" question), then
everything should be fine.

One final annoyance is that using an alternate superblock will undo
any changes made by tunefs, unless the '-A' flag had been used with
tunefs originally. Typically this will result in soft-updates
getting disabled.

RELENG_4's fsck could probably be updated to deal with this a bit
better, but I don't think it can do the right thing if any snapshots
exist, so the error may be a good thing.


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