> > this function)
> > /usr/src/usr.bin/fetch/fetch.c:758: (Each undeclared identifier is reported
> > only once
> > /usr/src/usr.bin/fetch/fetch.c:758: for each function it appears in.)
> > *** Error code 1
> > 
> > Can somebody decide what's right here and let me know? It's blocking
> > buildwords for alphas.
> This is something broken in your build tree.  fetchAuthMethod is declared
> in <fetch.h>.  src/Makefile.inc1 does a 'make beforeinstall' in libfetch
> to install fetch.h into the include tree.  fetch(1) should see it just the
> same as on the i386.

Okay. Sorry- we've all been struggling to find at least *one* build all the
way through on alpha for a while.


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