[[ Thought too late to send the original to current, but my followup
   can go to -current too ]]

It appears that you also need a new pccardd as well.  Please let me
know if there are any problems.


In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Warner Losh writes:
: I've added pci card support to OLDCARD.  I've changed the default
: interrupt routing for both manamement (aka CSC) interrupts and for
: function interrupts.  I'm using it right now.
: One important thing to NOTE.  You must now use the same IRQ for
: manangement and function interrupts.  The management interrupt is
: another matter.  You will need to boot the machine once to find the
: irq, and add it to your /etc/pccard.conf.  I hope to correct this
: problem soon.
: I plan on merging this into stable in two weeks, assuming no problems
: crop up.  If they do, it may be as late as July 4th.  I plan on
: actually backporting to stable right away and providing patchs for
: those that want them.
: Please let me know if I've broken anything.  I think that maybe I've
: broken Cirrus Logic CL-PD6729 support.  If so, I plan on fixing that.
: This work was funded by Monzoon Networks AG.  I am deeply greatful to
: them for their generous support.
: Or to quote a popular meme: "I set up us the bomb."

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