On 05-Jun-01 Tony Fleisher wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 03-Jun-01 Tony Fleisher wrote:
>> > I just tried to boot a -current kernel cvsupped 
>> > at Sat Jun  2 14:11:35 PDT 2001, and was thrown
>> > the following error trying to boot to single-user
>> > (transcribed by hand):
>> > 
>> > src/sys/kern/kern_sync.c:385 sleeping with "eventhandler" 
>> > locked from src/sys/kern/subr_eventhandler:159
>> It would be helpful to know what eventhandler was being fired perhaps..
> Any suggestions on how I may be able to determine this?

Printf's perhaps. :)  In the eventhandler code you might be able to output the
hex address of the eventhandler list you are parsing.  When it blows up, write
down the address, then do a 'nm' on the kernel to find the symbol name
associated with that address.  That will let you know what eventlist was the
problematic one.  You can also print out the address of each handler as it is
called and then look up those addresses in the kernel as well. 
sys/kern/subr_eventhandler.c is where you would want to do this.


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