On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Benno Rice wrote:

> After considration of the last patchset I put up, I decided to get the
> stuff in a slightly cleaner condition before I committed.
> The results are now at:
>       http://people.freebsd.org/~benno/commit/powerpc.diff
> There's still a lot of commented or #if 0'd out code, but I've cleaned up
> a lot of warnings, did a style pass of sorts and also managed to get VM
> initialising properly. =)
> You can see the current boot messages from my iMac at:
>       http://jeamland.net/~benno/powerpc-boot.txt
> It hangs after the mountroot> prompt.
> I'd like to commit this around the end of this week.
> Replies have been set to go to freebsd-ppc.

Congratulations on the progress so far!

You probably want to fix the $FreeBSD$ in md_var.h and maybe change/delete
the alpha specific stuff there. Come to think about it, there are several
cases where the $FreeBSD$ header still shows the location where the file
was copied from. The cvs scripts should stop you from committing these
files until that is fixed.

I notice that reloc.h is just the copyright message. I guess you ought to
use your own copyright here instead of John Birrell's. Come to think of
it, the same thing could be said of alpha/include/reloc.h. Perhaps this
header could be removed entirely if the contents of i386/include/reloc.h
found a better home.

Other than those minor comments, I think it looks ready to commit.

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