>Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 21:39:59 +0900
>From: Seigo Tanimura <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Daniel> Hi,
>Daniel> I just noticed: Doing a simple "cat /proc/$$/map" panics the system:
>Daniel> _mtx_unlock_sleep(c049c9c0,0,c03b01a0,f2) at _mtx_unlock_sleep+0xa3
>Daniel> lockmgr(c55fadb0,10001,c049c9c0,c55f4100) at lockmgr+0x9d
>Daniel> procfs_domap(c55f4100,c55f4320,c0c90da0,c6eefefc,c0cc3180) at
>Daniel> procfs_domap+0x88

>Lock and unlock of vm_mtx around vm_map_(un)lock_read() in
>procfs_domap() are missing. The attached patch should fix the bug.

I looked at the patch, and it seemed reasonable, so I applied it just
before my daily build of -CURRENT, and:

m133[1] cat /proc/$$/map
0x8048000 0x80f2000 165 0 0xce84bc60 r-x 6 3 0x0 COW NC vnode
0x80f2000 0x80f7000 5 0 0xce8c7f00 rw- 1 0 0x2180 COW NNC vnode
0x80f7000 0x814a000 28 0 0xce8e1ea0 rw- 1 0 0x2180 COW NNC default
0x814a000 0x815b000 17 0 0xce8c7c60 rwx 1 0 0x2180 COW NNC default
0x815b000 0x815d000 2 0 0xce8e1900 rwx 1 0 0x2180 COW NNC default
0x815d000 0x8191000 52 0 0xce8e1840 rwx 1 0 0x2180 NCOW NNC default
0x280f2000 0x280f3000 1 0 0xce8e1360 rwx 1 0 0x2180 COW NNC default
0xbfbe0000 0xbfc00000 14 0 0xce8c7c00 rwx 1 0 0x2180 COW NNC default
m133[2] uname -a
FreeBSD m133.whistle.com 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #23: Tue Jun  5 08:57:03 PDT 
2001     [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/common/C/obj/usr/src/sys/LAPTOP_30W  i386

so it looks good to me,
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