Stephan van Beerschoten wrote:

> Here's a quick question that just popped into my mind. I cvsup my -stable and my 
>-current box every night and every once in a while I install a new world.
> What happens with a (previously installed) /usr/sbin/pim6[sd]d ? Will 'make 
>(install)world' remove it ?
>  If not, what system is in place (if any) to accomplish this in order to get a 
>really clean system ?
> Mm.. I feel VERY newbie-like by asking this, because I use FBSD over 3 years now, 
>but I hope someone will help me out with an answer on this.
> With regards,
>  Stephan van Beerschoten

After installworlds I routinely do an ls -altr on "the usual suspects", 
which for me include:

/bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/libexec and /usr/lib.

/usr/lib must be done carefully. If it matches (this is a regex) 
lib\..*\.so\.[0-9]+ then you should move it into /usr/lib/compat rather 
than delete it. Just deleting them will cause any programs in /usr/X11R6 
or /usr/local that were linked against the old libraries to stop 
working. /usr/libexec/* also sometimes appear to be out of date but 
really aren't. One of them is the a.out and if you have 1.x compat 
libraries loaded you will need to leave that file alone despite it 
having a very old date.

Anything else that is older than the starting time of the last 'make 
installworld' in these directories can probably be deleted.

For extra credit you can do this to /usr/share/man/man* as well. It also 
may not be a bad idea to rm -f /usr/share/man/cat*/* to make doubly sure 
that obsolete man pages don't show up.

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