Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> * Kenneth Wayne Culver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010607 16:18] wrote:
> > Just curious, but are there plans to support the EV6 bus that the dual
> > athlon motherboards use? I'm not going to buy that kind of system unless
> > FreeBSD 5 will support it.
> Rumor has it that it booted without a hitch when it was tested.

Not rumor, it is definate.  At least 4.2+ and 5.0 work without a hitch.
In fact, they work better than most intel or serverworks chipset based
systems as they comply better with the MP spec.

One gotcha..  Make sure that the bios is set to 'MP SPEC 1.4' (not 1.1) and
that 'PCI USE APIC' is on.  The AMD developer boards (Tyan Thunder K7, which
went on sale on Tuesday this week) have had various different sets of defaults
for these with different bios revs, so check them.

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