Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 12:04:10, bde (Bruce Evans) wrote about "Re: Terminal line 
discipline is broken [sorta]": 

> This may be a bug in tcsh.

Do you really think that shell should not modify signal handling policy
which he obtained as legacy from login? And application which resets
them to appropriate position is buggy?

> > It is very strange, but control keys [^C,^Z etc] no longer work (nop)
> > in the /bin/sh and bash2 after today's build/installworld. I see this
> > misbehaviour on two machines.
> PAM now blocks keyboard signals when reading the password, and usually
> forgets to unblock them.  I use the workaround of backing out the broken
> code (rev.1.4 of /usr/src/contrib/libpam/libpam_misc/misc_conv.c).
> > Even more strange that /bin/tcsh doesn't
> > have this problem.

My ktracing of bash (2.04) shows that it isn't really set procmask
to own values, but uses legacy value. Maybe I'm wrong, but this seems
that sh & bash are buggy, not tcsh.


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