As Andrey A. Chernov wrote:

>> Thanks.  I wish there would also be `shortcut names', any other
>> system i've been working with for example provides a locale named
>> `de_DE' so you don't have to type `de_DE.ISO8859-1' all day.
>> FreeBSD is the only (known to me) exception.  (Before anybody's
>> arguing, i don't care

> Short locale names dramatically increase program efforts to guess
> locale in each program which tries to deal with it directly, since
> suppose that program have the same default assumption (from where?)
> for missing information.

Sorry, i can't follow you.  Which program is trying to guess local
names, and how could i get a problem by providing a user-friendly
alias name (i. e., a symlink)?  And, why do all the other Unices
don't have a problem with it?

> If you need to type them - better make shell variables with
> short names.

Sorry, even /remembering/ the long name is a nuisance for the users,
and i always have a hard time explaining them why they have to type
thoseoverlylonglocalenames just on FreeBSD only -- or rather, i can't
explain them.  Not when seeing that all the other Unices don't require

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Never trust an operating system you don't have sources for. ;-)

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