>  The reason I said "in the next week" is actually because on Sat. June 23rd
> (not this upcoming one, but the one after), I should be flying off to
> Yugoslavia (actually to London, and only then to Yugoslavia). I will be
> gone for 3 weeks and seeing as how maintaining this huge diff is a real
> **** (especially given the state of -CURRENT, as I'm sure you know :-)),

I realise that maintaining the diff is a major pain, but this is *not* a 
good reason to be rushing it now, *especially* when you're going to be 
gone for three weeks.

I appreciate the extra work involved, but please take this as an 
extremely serious request to defer your commit until it's had some more 
testing, and until you're in a position to support it for more than 36 
hours after you commit.


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