It seems Terry Lambert wrote:
> Jonathan Smith wrote:
> > 
> > That's good enough. :)  Thanks....
> > 
> > Maybe _that_ will keep that ata code from over-riding
> > the bios to disable dma (or maybe the bios just wasn't
> > doing it's job right ;)
> This won't work.
> Someone was having the same problem the other day, and
> I suggested the same soloution, but after probe, the
> damn driver enabled UDMA at attach time anyway.

Just set hw.ata.ata_dma="0" in /boot/loader.conf and it
will not enabled DMA..

> So we removed it from the kernel config... and the damn
> thing enabled it again.

There is nothing in the config file that affects DMA...

> I don't know if the #ifdef was intended to only guard
> in the boot case, but it doesn't help, because there
> are several missign guards around the code, if that's
> the case, and at least four places in the code ignore
> the tuning variable, as well, if it isn't commented
> out of the kernel at build time (thus disabling one of
> the places).
> Look for the #ifdef, and then look for the function
> call to do the enable, and the problem will be obvious.

You lost me here, what version of FreeBSD are we talking
about ? I thought it was 4.3 but that doesn't contain
any ifdef's about DMA at all....


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