I suspect it is more likely that i get feedback from people on -current,
which is why this email is addressed there. I am Bcc-ing to -small in
case the people there are interested too.

Basically, i would like to come up with some easy way to cross-build
picobsd images, embedding the relevant commands into the "picobsd"
build script so one only has to specify the SRC tree location and the
script does all things for you.

There are a number of dependencies that need to be addressed in
this process, including at least the following.

    1. the config program.
        I more or less know how to handle this, basically compile
        whatever config is in ${SRC}/usr.sbin/config and use that
        one for the config step.

    2. location of standard include files.
        Here, it looks not too complex -- at the moment i
        basically do the following:

        cd ${SRC}
        mkdir -p usr/include
        DESTDIR=`pwd` make includes
        CFLAGS="-nostdinc -I`pwd`/usr/includes" ; export CFLAGS

        and hope that the various makefiles honor CFLAGS settings.
        It seems to work for most things.
    3. libraries
        This is the hard part for me. I guess there is some way
        from the makefiles in ${SRC}/lib to build just the static
        libraries and put them in some place where I can use them
        without conflict with the standard ones, but how ?

So, could anyone suggest a good way to address step #3 ?

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