On 19 Jun, Matt Dillon wrote:
> :> The swap  backing in  md(4) is  a straight copy  of the  code which
> :> lived in  vn(4). I'm not  terribly familiar  with that code,  but I
> :> would expect that it would work with no swap space as well.
> :>
> :> Your man is probably Matt Dillon...
>     You can create an MD partition with wired memory - no swap backing
>     at all,  if you want. Obviously  you can make such  a partition as
>     large as you might otherwise want to make it.

Well, I want it  to be _virtual memory_ backed -- not  just swap or just
RAM. Can  I do that? It  seems, not right  now. I don't need  it working
ASAP, so I don't care for  workarounds :-) But this is something FreeBSD
had until 5.0 and its a shame to loose it, IMHO. Thanks,


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