* Bosko Milekic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010622 01:47] wrote:
> Hi -current people,
>       I have recently made some significant changes to the mbuf allocator.
> Although I have invested, along with several other developers, very significant
> time in testing the newly introduced code, should any problems arise, please
> let me know ASAP.
>       One noticeable difference that I am aware of is that mbtypes statistics
> have been TEMPORARILY disabled. Please be patient. :-)

If you want accurate stats you should be able to lock the per-cpu
stats areas all at once as long as you always do it in a certain
order, basically, lock CPU 0, then 1, then 2, then 3, sum then
unlock.  If correctness doesn't matter you can just walk the
per cpu stats locking each (or not) and assumulating the info.


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