John Baldwin wrote:
> Hrmm, perhaps you are getting an interrupt storm from ahc.  Ok, try
> this: find the ahc driver's interrupt handler, and add a printf.
> Then see if the printf fires while the machine is hung.

Ok, I put a printf in ahc_handle_seqint() and ahc_handle_scsiint().

My current (freshly cvsupped sources) kernel with the printf()s in it
is pretty consistent in it's behavior: with SMP it hangs soon after
the 15 second SCSI delay and keystrokes will not cause it to continue
to boot.

The order that they print out on the screen is this:

message "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle"

(approximately 15 second delay)

26 times scsiint called with intstat = 0x4, status0 = 0, status = 0x88

2 times seqint called with instat = 0x71 (BAD_STATUS?)

36 times seqint called with intstat = 0x61 (HOST_MSG_LOOP?)

and then the system hangs.

I have gone back to a SMP kernel from April 15th - using a GENERIC
kernel with SMP enabled it exhibits the same problem.  Will work my
way back to -stable and see if anything changes...

dave c

Dave Cornejo @ Dogwood Media, Fremont, California (also [EMAIL PROTECTED])
  "There aren't any monkeys chasing us..." - Xochi

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