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        Ok, so my thinking goes a little like this: having chpass, vipw, 
passwd, rpc.yppasswdd et. al. using the same functions (pw_copy, pw_temp,
pw_init...) and then, in order to update the database calling a
function which does nothing more than execl(pwd_mkdb) and exit
seems kinda silly. 
        For a couple of my projects, having a "BSD approved" way
of modifying the master.passwd/spwd.db would have been _very_ nice, so I
have created libpwutil.  This new lib could be used to (staticly) link
all the afore mentioned command line utils, and create a more central way
to manage password changes, as well as creating a reasonably nice C interface
to changing passwords.
        If I am way off my rocker, please let me know.  I've
also created a _new_ pw_mkdb function which does NOT use execl or system.  If
this sounds like something that people are interested in, I would be happy to
work up some doccumentation, and submit it for inclusion/port-dom as well as
patches to chpass and crew if people think it is a good idea.
        Just _looking_ at the Makefiles for things like chpass brought on
the urge to make a change... ;) Also, future support for things like NIS+/LDAP
could (possibly) be more easily developed.


P.S. the lib will be BSD licenced, NOT GPL'd ;)


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