Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 15:02:37, TJ (T.J. Kniveton) wrote about "From -current to 

> I followed the directions on the freebsd web site to grab the latest
> -stable sources, but it looks like somehow I got the -current sources,
> built and installed them (doh!).
> Everything is working ok, but this is my development laptop, and it
> would probably be wiser to track -stable so that things will still work.
> I have grabbed the RELENG_4 source, but it is dying at unctrl.h. Is
> there any way to go backward from an installed current build, to stable?

1. Do binary install.
2. Make world with includes from RELENG_4. I successfully did it
with /usr/include copied from another 4-stable host. Maxim Sobolev
recommended to do `make includes' before `make buildworld'.
A rumour was that it is already fixed (building doesn't depend on host
includes) but...


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