I have a system that I need to boot either stable or current, each
with it's own root filesystem. I am having problems with the
configuration of the system on the second drive, in that the
kernel (current) loads and boots, but it is using the root filesystem
of stable. 

My configuration is:

Jun 28 08:39:29 /boot/kernel/kernel: isa0: <ISA bus> on isab0
Jun 28 08:39:29 /boot/kernel/kernel: atapci0: <Intel PIIX4 ATA33 control
ler> port 0x3460-0x346f at device 18.1 on pci0
Jun 28 08:39:29 /boot/kernel/kernel: ata0: at 0x1f0 irq 14 on atapci0
Jun 28 08:39:29 /boot/kernel/kernel: ata1: at 0x170 irq 15 on atapci0   


Jun 28 08:39:30 /boot/kernel/kernel: ad0: DMA limited to UDMA33, non-ATA
66 compliant cable  
Jun 28 08:39:30 /boot/kernel/kernel: ad0: 28629MB <QUANTUM FIREBALLP LM3
0> [58168/16/63] at ata0-master UDMA33
Jun 28 08:39:30 /boot/kernel/kernel: ad2: 8063MB <IBM-DHEA-38451> [16383
/16/63] at ata1-master UDMA33

Jun 28 08:39:30 /boot/kernel/kernel: Mounting root from ufs:/dev/ad0s1a

I had switch the values of ata.0 and ata.1 in /boot/device.hints, but
it didn't make any difference.

Simply put I have stable on ad0 and current on ad2, and when I boot
a kernel from a drive I want the root filesystem to be on the drive.

Can anyone point me to any man pages that might explain(hint) at how
to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.
        Jeff Fellin
        Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ
        (908) 582-7673

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